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Efficiency Benefits

• Vertical drilling: • No requirement to drill at angle • Smaller, lighter weight Greenstick may be used • Smaller drilling devices may be used • Speedier deployment • Rotating arm allows more flexibility to link to structure • Stability of structure: • Beneficial in shifting patterns of deposition of bed material • Potential reduction in scour protection methods • Angled Greenstick provides solid foundation • Substantially smaller dimensions required than conventional piles: • Lighter piles can be transported more easily • Energy efficiencies • Re-deployment • Re-use rather than new manufacture • Temporary structures often gain quicker Planning agreement

Greenstick Potential Benefits

Financial Benefits

• Production costs: • Simple design, few complex parts, variety of materials may be used • Lighter weight, requiring less raw material • Transportation costs: • Lighter weight product • Deployment costs: • Smaller vessel required • Easier to deploy than conventional piles • Wastage costs: • Greenstick can be easily reclaimed and re- used • Environmental costs: • Less intrusive to marine environment

Environmental Benefits

• Less deoxygenation of water helps protect sea life • Screw piles rather than pile driven: • Less impact on the sea-bed • Reduced impact on sea mammals habitat • Removable, allowing the environment to recover • Damage limitation, particularly in flood defence projects • Smaller vessels used for deployment • Recyclable