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The Greenstick Innovation

Greenstick technology offers a brand new solution for a wide range of applications that require mooring in water.  The Greenstick is a helical pile or suction pile with a patented* lockable and unlockable joint, allowing vertical deployment at sea, in depth, and the ability to configure to a support angle of 45 degrees +/-, as required, once the Greenstick has been secured to the sea or ocean floor.  No other deployment system offers this capability, making Greenstick technology unique.  Depending on the size of the Greenstick and the installation zone, there are various methods of locking and unlocking the joint which are covered in the Greenstick patent, such as manual, electronic and hydraulic. 
Locking sleeve

Linkage not to scale

Universal joint
Rotating arm
Screw blade
Patented lockable & unlockable joint * UK Patent granted Dec 2013.  International Patents for Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea also granted (Europe and U.S.A., pending).
In contrast to other anchoring systems, its innovative design allows the 360◦ rotating arm to be locked via a sleeve on deployment, unlocked when the Greenstick is in position and configured according to requirements. According to the patent [1], Greenstick piles can be of different types and immersed in different ways; screw, driven, suction etc.  This allows the Greenstick pile to achieve the bearing capacity on horizontal loads of tens of tons, enabling the technology to be used in many different applications.
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