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Marinas and Harbours

Greenstick technology can be used to expand the number of moorings available by building  cost effective temporary or permanent pontoons (using the same method as detailed in the Piers & Platforms section) outside of the existing marina or harbour, thereby  increasing the volume of traffic and profitability.  Where a pontoon isn’t erected, two or more Greensticks provide a more secure mooring, preventing the vessel rotating or being affected by wind or tidal changes.
Schematic: 1 = screw 2 = joint 3 = boat

Creating a breakwater:

Alternative breakwater:

The Greenstick can be deployed to include a unique surrounding structure to act as a breakwater or a power generation device sucking and pumping its water filled contents in the local conditions to produce power. It can be pressurised to create a solid wall and have a walkway added to the surface area to be used as a temporary or seasonal marina for seaside towns, rivers or lakes.
Conventional, permanent marinas and harbours are typically enclosed by a wall which acts as a breakwater to protect vessels from the swell of sea. A Greenstick breakwater, either temporary or permanent, can be constructed using Greenstick wall technology as a cheaper alternative to building a protective stone wall.  The Greenstick Breakwater would be an ideal solution to protect temporary facilities in high season and special events. 
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