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Revetment Bridge
Permanent or temporary Slipway
Sediment removal and provision of clear shipping navigation channels Like the dredging of ports and approach channels, cleaning silt and sediment from the beds of reservoirs and other non tidal waters presents an urgent environmental challenge. Siltation of reservoir beds leads to a number of environmental problems; an increase in ground water levels to adjacent areas, the extinction of benthic biogenesis, overgrowth of coast reeds and further eutrophication of water bodies resulting in the proliferation of algae which causes depletion of oxygen and the death of other organisms such as fish.  Clearing the beds of water bodies leads to the formation of fresh water springs and revitalises the biosystem.  The Greenstick wall technology can be used to create an artificial territory or to reduce the build-up of sediment in shipping channels which occurs due to currents and storms.


Fig. 1 Greenstick navigation channel protection from sediment
Greenstick technology has the potential to offer a new method of engineering a revetment bridge or slipway. A revetment has always been a good engineering solution.  However, it is sometimes a little difficult to secure and expensive piling has to be used with associated equipment and noise. The model shows a Greenstick Revetment which can offer an alternative, simple solution, likely to save time, resources and money.

Revetment Bridges & Slipways

Greenstick Wall Technology can also be utilised to build permanent or temporary slipways.  Many yacht clubs and lifeboat stations have need of a slipway to launch boats and the Greenstick Slipway would eliminate the need for building a heavy concrete structure.  Where there is requirement for a temporary slipway, such as in war or disaster situations, a Greenstick Slipway could be deployed relatively easily, without need of heavy machinery or large vessels and removed by reversing the installation process. 
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