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We are keen to forge relationships with technical and commercial partners who can assist us to develop the Greenstick into a fully tested, marketable product. The versatility of the Greenstick means it can offer a much needed mooring solution to many industries, especially those that are so crucial for our future; developing new, efficient, green energy sources, improving methods of saving our coastlines from erosion, better flood protection due to global warming and less invasive dredging operations. Permission to site more offshore wind & water turbines is being sought and granted.  The development of tidal lagoons is forging ahead and new ideas for wave energy devices are ever present. Many of these marine projects share commonalities: 1.  A need to anchor structures and vessels to the coastlines and oceans of the world 2.  A method of taking clean energy from the oceans to the shores Neither of these issues has, to date, been satisfactorily resolved meaning the technology cannot be deployed. Greenstick patent protected IP could well be the technology required to help drive the development of offshore green energy and other marine projects. We welcome anyone with new ideas to work with us and bring Greenstick technology into the future. Invest in GREENSTICK2019 - “a safe holding”