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Greenstick Technology for Dredging Operations

Dredging companies undertake huge scale operations worldwide such as the construction of ports and harbours, land reclamation, coastal defence and other engineering works that involve the movement of soil from one place to another. Dredging operations are costly; they require specialist knowledge and an array of expensive equipment.  Whilst dredging companies strive to be mindful of the possible damaging effects of their operations on the environment, they do look towards developing new, improved techniques that will limit the impact of their work.
Land reclamation project - Australia
Many dredging operations involve techniques to retain newly excavated earth in place and this is where Greenstick Wall Technology could offer real benefits to the industry.  Current practices often require tons of rock to be moved from one place to another and dumped into the water to support new landmass which is both financially costly and environmentally damaging. The Greenstick, with the addition of FRP walls, has the potential to offer a cheaper, environmentally friendly alternative solution.