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Piers & Platforms

The Greenstick provides a simple, unobtrusive solution to reinforce existing structures or to build new ones by utilising multiple devices and ridgepoles as shown. Due to the innovative design of the Greenstick, it is ideal for both permanent and temporary structures.

Piers reinforcement:

Main Benefits:

• Installation from the surface

• No requirement for divers

• No submersible operation required

Schematic: 1 = screw 2 = joint 3 = boat

Greenstick Ridgepole

Greenstick Ridgepoles can be used to increase the strength and stability of Greenstick structures. The ridgepole is cost effective, light and there is no bending moment.   Once the Greensticks have been vertically deployed, the ridgepoles are dropped from the surface and locked into place when the Greensticks are set to their required angle.  This method of bracing would result in a structure not too dissimilar to the images shown below but without incurring the expense of the high lift vessel.
Greenstick Ridgepoles  (deployed whilst Greenstick  locked vertically)
Fig 1:  Greenstick structure braced with ridgepoles
Fig 2. Greenstick Ridgepole positioned beneath unlocked joint
Fig 3. Green colouring represents existing piles being replaced with Greensticks to achieve a solid structure benefitting from easier deployment.
The photograph shows the type of structure currently in use that requires heavy lifting vessels for deployment.  A similar, lighter weight structure can be constructed from Greensticks and ridgepoles and deployed without the need for such heavy equipment.
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