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A Greenstick equipped with a pile pump generator can provide emergency power power at disaster zones.
In recent times, there have been several natural disasters around the world where flooding has totally devastated communities and their power resources.  When disaster strikes, it is important to restore electricity as soon as possible and this is where the Greenstick Pile Pump Generator could help to provide emergency power.    

Disaster Zones

Greenstick Pile Pump Generator A Greenstick, equipped with a  pile pump generator, can be speedily deployed to begin generating power.  The Greenstick joint will allow the  2 way action pump to move through 90° in line with the tidal flow to generate water to turn a turbine and provide power. Smaller pumps would be located close to the land whilst larger ones would be deployed out to sea.
Pile-engine with double action pump, view from the side: 1. Pile 2. Ball hinge 3. Piston 4. Steel rod 5. Slot in the pipe 6. Check valve 7. Washer-hinge
The amount of power generated can be increased by siting multiple pumps into a cassette which is secured to the bed via Greensticks. The model demonstrates the cassette moving up to 90° with the tide.  When the tidal flow changes, the pump generator will continue to operate and provide power.
When a river breaches its banks, a tsunami hits or land floods from unusually high tides, an earth dam will rapidly break down and collapse if water flows over it, hence the desperate measures shown here to stop it happening. The Greenstick Embankment could work well in a disaster situation. Due to the light weight nature of the Greenstick and the FRP walls, they can be easily transported to site and deployed using a much smaller vessel than that required for the deployment of traditional piles.  The embankment could be used as a slipway, be quickly erected and used to take military and aid vehicles to shore, or it could be used as a method of flood protection. Existing flood protection methods take time to construct, with a requirement for heavy materials and equipment to shore up or rebuild damaged embankments. The Greenstick Embankment could revolutionise securing land from further floods in disaster zones.

Greenstick Embankment